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Verti-Block™ Systems

Verti-Block™ Systems are the perfect solution for a sloped yard. Verti-block systems are economical and easy to install, and come in all shapes and sizes with pre-formed concrete blocks that allow for quick installation. Verti-block systems can be used on almost any slope and work great as retaining walls, patio walls, driveway aprons or even as sound barriers from traffic. If you’re looking to add some curb appeal to your home while installing a retaining wall that will last a lifetime, Verti Block Systems is what you need! Verti-Block™ Systems are available in a variety of styles from decorative pieces to custom sizes large enough for use as retaining walls. Verti Block has even been featured on the DIY Network’s “DIY Comforts” with a segment on building your own outdoor fireplace.

Verti-Block™ Systems is a great option for any home or commercial project because Verti Blocks are easy to order and just as easy to install. Verti-Block Systems offers a large selection of blocks, ranging from 2x2s all the way up to 24x24s, which will allow you to find the perfect block for any project you may have in mind.

Superior Strength

The larger dimensions of these systems ensure that they won’t break or crumble like smaller systems. This product is perfect for even the smallest retaining wall projects since there’s no need to worry about time consuming maintenance and costly reconstruction.


Proper drainage is essential to a solid, durable wall. With traditional retaining walls, water is drained using gravel that settles into the appropriate place on the ground beneath the wall.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Verti-Block Systems offer unparalleled customization. Verti-Blocks are capable of making walls both straight and curved, allowing for all sorts of challenges to be built in your home or commercial application. The unique design maximizes horizontal space by incorporating the posts into the wall. Components are available with or without batter and in various shapes, sizes, materials, heights, and visibility ranges for any landscaping project requirements

Space Saving

A Verti-Block system contains fencing posts within its core, as opposed to other systems where the post is located a few feet from the wall. Selecting a “Top Block” finishing unit, owners can have their choice of material (landscaping, sod, interlock tiles, concrete blocks) placed right at the wall edge and around embedded posts. The finished design will not show any construction details and will cover the fencing that is hidden inside the block as well as making it seem seamless.

Unique Design Looks

Beyond its structural capabilities, Verti-Block is popular for giving structures a beautiful natural rock work appearance. The quarried stone “Canyon Ledge” pattern is taken from real stone and it is the reason that any pattern created by Verti-Block will be realistic. Verti-Block Systems can help you meet your landscaping needs.

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