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TKB Concrete And Retaining Walls offer a variety of services for commercial parking lots in Temple, Killeen, Belton And Waco such as building and paving the entire lot, fixing cracks and curbs, painting lines, power washing, and installing and maintaining catch basins.

We can handle projects of all sizes, from complete resurfacing to minor repairs and cleaning, and we maintain parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and steps. Safety is our main concern and we always consider the needs of those who use the property.

Our grounds care service, whether the surface is concrete or asphalt, will keep your property’s paved areas in good condition for many years.

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Why We Are The Best Commercial Concrete Parking Lot Contractor

All the concrete technicians at our company are proficient, experienced, and have training in construction management, design, and building roles. We are enthusiastic, reliable, and transparent about our achievements and the types of projects we can handle.

We are candid with our clients regarding the extent of our capabilities, the scope of their parking lot projects, and the outcomes we can achieve. This approach is applied to all our projects, whether it’s installing a residential driveway or providing construction management services for a significant construction project.

We endeavor to finish projects within the specified time frame by using top-notch equipment and tools and the latest technology. 

The Benefits Of Concrete Parking Lot Construction

Creating concrete parking lots necessitates hiring experienced paving contractors who are proficient in designing and building concrete parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and similar projects. You need a material that will endure for many years, possibly even decades, and require minimal upkeep.

Asphalt pavement is an alternative, but it necessitates regular maintenance, at least a few times a year, to reseal it, and fix cracks, and other problems. Furthermore, asphalt rapidly deteriorates in the scorching Texas summers, becoming soft, pliable, and squishy.

You require a sturdy material that can tolerate the Texas heat and handle the wear and tear from vehicles, foot traffic, heavy loads, and the elements. Concrete is a combination of cement and aggregate that solidifies and hardens into a solid material.

The best part is, concrete parking lots require minimal maintenance. Apart from repainting the lines for parking spaces, there is little else needed except occasionally cleaning off tough stains. Nature takes care of most of the dust, dirt, debris, and pollen when it rains.

Given the extended lifespan of a concrete parking lot, the minimal upkeep required and other benefits, hiring our concrete parking lot contractors to construct your commercial parking lot is the most cost-effective decision.

Your Paving Needs Are Our Top Concern

Building a new parking lot or adding to an existing one is not a small task. It can be an expensive and time-consuming process if not executed properly. We understand that commercial paving can have an impact on business productivity, so we work closely with our clients to plan the construction in a way that allows for ongoing accessibility and timely completion of the project.

Constructing A New Parking Lot

When constructing a parking lot, businesses need to take into account the types and volume of traffic the parking lot will handle and comply with the standards set by local and state governments. They also need to identify the various permits needed for parking lot installation or expansion. If permits are required, engineers will need to be hired and designs need to be created to accommodate various specifications such as drainage, grade, asphalt mix, depth/thickness, entry and access points, fire codes, and handicap requirements. Additionally, both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the parking lot design are crucial since it’s the “entryway” to your business. We can use decorative stamping techniques to improve the aesthetic appeal of your parking lot as well as aid in traffic flow and parking accessibility.

Choose TKB Concrete For Exceptional Parking Lots

Our diverse portfolio encompasses both new and reconstructed, small and large parking lot projects for commercial and industrial use, parks and recreational use, schools, and churches. We respect our client’s preference to either bid or negotiate parking lot projects. We also install commercial concrete driveways if concrete is a better fit for your project. 

We provide creative ideas for improved aesthetics, time and cost-saving suggestions, constructability, and most importantly, complete customer satisfaction by safely constructing functional parking lot systems that are long-lasting.

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