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We are the top local contractor for new driveways for homes and businesses, as well as for the replacement or resurfacing of existing driveways. We focus on repairing and installing driveways.

We offer a variety of driveway options, including asphalt, gravel, and granite. Many homeowners prefer gravel or granite driveways due to their fast installation and cost-effectiveness. These materials can provide an attractive and durable driveway that’s also environmentally friendly since they do not contribute to pollution or impede water flow into the ground.

We provide not only high-quality workmanship but also exceptional customer service. When you choose us for your driveway installation, you can trust our team to go above and beyond your expectations.

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What Does Our Driveway Installation Service Include?

Our installation process varies depending on your specific needs. It can start with either grading or excavation. Grading involves removing existing elements on the property to prepare for the new surface, while excavation may be necessary to stabilize the property in more severe cases. The level of preparation required depends on the foundation of your property and the size and shape of the driveway. Once the foundation is stable, we can install a durable driveway that is properly draining and tailored to the aesthetic you want. All paving and curbing are done to match your desired look.

The first step In Our Driveway Installation Process Is A Consultation

At TKB CONCRETE AND RETAINING WALLS, we strive to make sure your new driveway installation meets your exact specifications. To achieve this, we begin with a consultation to understand your vision for the new driveway. We will present you with options and assist you in designing the driveway of your dreams. To make the process as seamless as possible, we can create a design rendering for you to envision the final outcome before we commence installation. This allows you to approve the project or make any desired changes to ensure the new driveway is exactly how you want it to be.

We Have A Thorough Process When It Comes To Installing Driveways.

Once the design is finalized, the installation of your new driveway will commence by clearing the area of any debris, dirt, or other materials. The area will also be graded to prevent water from flowing towards your garage or house. The base will be created by adding layers of aggregate. After all the preparation work is done, we will proceed to install the driveway according to the design.

We Provide A Range Of Materials And Paver Designs For A Customized Driveway Installation

Our team has a vast selection of materials to choose from when designing your driveway, and our experienced team can assist you in creating a durable, attractive, and personalized driveway that will last for years. We can use natural stone options like flagstone or any of our interlocking pavers to create your custom driveway. Additionally, we can also adjust the paver pattern to give your driveway a truly one-of-a-kind look.

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Our team is dedicated to providing a professional and top-notch service that is designed to last. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations so much that they will not need to call us for a driveway installation service again.

One of our strong points is our flexibility, which ensures that your preferences and ideas are always taken into consideration.  If you have a specific driveway style in mind, we will make every effort to replicate it for you quickly and efficiently.

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